Teach you four common laptop battery tips

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How to make good use of laptop battery, how to extend their use of time and the life of the other issues, no doubt troubled by the majority of books in the heart of a problem user, laptop battery there are a variety of methods and techniques, which we usually need to use more learning and application. Xiaobian gave you a few common tips:
First, go to sleep fast
Temporarily using a laptop computer, DELL LATITUDE D420 battery to save battery power, remember to monitor, hard disk and system hibernation set a standby time – because you do not work without the need to make your laptop is still running at full capacity. We can set the power management options, allowing the system to sleep after a period of time, but shorter or longer will have to wait a few minutes, there is no way to immediately make the notebook computer system to enter sleep state?
The notebook computer system to sleep, a quick and easy way is to directly turn off the display. Press display just little things, you can immediately make the laptop sleep, effectively conserve battery power. When you need to re-use, simply open the display, the system will automatically return to FUJITSU FPCBP80 batterythe state before the operation.
Second, deliberately run out of battery
Regularly run out of battery, in order to ensure a full charge.
Third, the screen-saving mode
Reduce the brightness of the screen. At the same time, although some books are equipped with keypad light, but in order to power, the best conditions DELL LATITUDE D600 SERIES battery in the dark only to enjoy it only under care.
TFT screen is the largest notebook computer power components, in order to reduce the use of the battery when the power it consumes, notebook computer manufacturers of all kinds of devices, but in general are based on the lower screen brightness, and even off-screen method.

In some laptops the power management settings you can customize the brightness of the screen, most laptops can be specific shortcut keys adjust the DELL XPS M1210 battery screen brightness, generally 6 to 8 level brightness adjustment.
4, set the power saving mode

Desktop using the AC, the computer most people may not attach great importance to energy-saving features, but need to use battery-powered notebook computers, the use of energy-saving features should be taken seriously. How to design more energy-efficient computer hardware, this is not the user to solve the problem. The user can do is set the computer on the effective use of energy-saving options. And when the wireless receiver when not in use, turn it off.

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