Sony VAIO Z-Series Review

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Sony VAIO Z Series laptop reviewSony’s VAIO Z-Series comprises some of the only sub-2kg laptops to currently feature Intel’s Core i7 technology and are among the best ultraportable laptops you can buy. While the price is high, the VAIO VPCZ12V9E/X continues this tradition.
Due to the high-powered performance of Core i7 processors and the subsequent cooling they require, it is rare to find them inside such a slim laptop. As a result, some rivals have used low-voltage variants of the Core i7 range to reduce heat output. Sony has not chosen to take that route.
Instead a full-powered Core i7 620M CPU running at 2.66GHz is in place here. Backed by 6144MB of DDR3 memory and with the ability to automatically overclock itself to 3.333GHz when required, this is by far the fastest ultraportable laptop you can buy. Blazing through our benchmark tests with a level of speed we rarely see, even the most taxing software is dispatched with ease. Graphics are equally stunning, with the dedicated nVidia GPU again a true rarity in such a small laptop and more than capable of running the latest games.
Due to its roots as a business machine, a matt finish is in place on the 13.1-inch widescreen panel, eliminating reflections for optimum visibility in all conditions. While this type of finish often reduces image vibrancy, no such flaw is seen here, with stunning colour and contrast on offer.
At just 1.4kg this is an eminently light laptop and its 285-minute battery life makes it ideal for frequent travel use. Built using a mix of hybrid carbon fibre and milled aluminium, it is also one of the toughest ultraportables around and more than resilient enough for life on the move.
Usability also excels. The isolation-style keyboard features firmly fixed keys that respond well and, although there is slightly too much spacing between each key, it is a very comfortable machine to work with. The board is also backlit, making it easy to keep working when in low light conditions.
An integrated HSDPA module lets you connect to mobile phone masts when on the move for wirelessly accessing the internet at broadband speed. Extra value is added by an excellent duo of multimedia software. Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements provide fantastic entry-level photo and video-editing tools, and with the Sony’s ample power you can easily get to work editing your media files.
With its combination of style, power and chic design quality, the VAIO VPCZ12V9E/X is a stunning ultraportable. With Intel’s Core i7 technology providing the best performance we’ve seen to date, if you can afford it this is easily one of the best laptops you can currently buy.
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Sony VAIO Z Series laptop review 
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