Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 14” Review

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Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 14” is the newest small business and consumer oriented product from Lenovo. This is definitely the model that fits the needs of small businesses because it is excellent in performance and also highly affordable. It comes with a 14 inch widescreen that features HD LED display that is lightweight in 4.9 pounds.
It is appreciated by most customers in terms of build and design because it is by far better than the SL-series that looks like it has a rubbery paint but renewed with matte black paint. The Edge looks more elegant, modern and sexier because it of its new shape and its paint scheme is in contrast making it look more attractive and stunning. Its screen cover border and keyboard are beautified with silver plastic. It has a matte black top cover. You can also notice another change which is a single red LED replacing the standard indicator lights.
If you would compare it to other consumer notebooks, the build quality is really impressive and is above average. It has smaller screen hinges and is plastic faced rather than metal. Because of the matte finish of the Edge 14, it does not have any glossy paint problem which gives it another advantage over other models. It has a more consistent look and feel compared to the glossy finish.
The ThinkPad Edge 14” also features a strong and durable chassis and with smaller flex in its plastic panels. Despite the fact that it does not have internal roll cage, Lenovo still emphasized features that are keeping the notebook pretty strong. Even under strong pressure, the keyboard, touchpad and palmrest remain to really be strong.
It features a glossy 14 inch WXGA with adequate color and contrast. The maximum backlight level is 224cd/m2 most particularly at the center of the screen. It has excellent uniform backlight in different parts of the screen, from the sides, bottom and top. It has average viewing colors as it colors start to invert within 10-15 degrees.
For music oriented individuals, they will surely find satisfaction with the speakers situated below the front edge of the palmrest and is considered to be better in producing sound quality. The keyboard is the same, being one of the unchanged parts of this notebook. It has the chiclet style which is usual on notebooks.
Other features of the ThinkPad Edge 14” include the 2.13 GHZ Intel Core i3 with M330 CPU which provides faster and better performance making it impeccable for multi tasking. It also comes with a 320GB Hard Drive, Wi-Fi, 6-cell battery that offers 4.5 hours of run time. It also has four USB ports, 7 in 1 card reader, integrated dual layer DVD optical drive and built-n webcam.

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