Dell XPS 15z Review

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Dell XPS 15z is under an inch thick and only weighs less than a pound compared to its predecessors. But it still features an Intel Core i7 processor, loud speakers and Nvidia graphics. It also comes with full HD display and six hours battery life.
If you take a quick glance of Dell XPS 15z, you will mistakenly think of it as the 15 inch MacBook Pro. Its design features aluminum lid, chrome trim all over the edges and magnesium alloy chassis that makes the laptop more stylish than those in the XPS line. It has a slightly darker metallic color deck and two speaker grilles on both sides of the keyboard with diagonal pattern continuing on the vents on the back and bottom.With 15.2 inches widescreen and 10.3 inches height, it is a bit larger than MacBook Pro’s but has the same thickness. It is 5.6 pounds in weight but is not comfortable to carry around.

After playing a video for straight 15 minutes at full screen, this laptop from Dell remained to be cool. Its touchpad registered only 82 degrees Fahrenheit and with space in between the G and H keys were 89 and 85 degrees on the middle of the underside.

Touchpad and Keyboard
The island style keyboard of XPS 15z is one of the stylish keyboards of its size and weight. However, the rounded keys do not have as much travel as users would like. When typing on the keys, you will feel that it is too shallow. Nonetheless, the keyboard is backlit so the letters can still be seen even in darker environment. However, turning the light off would make it difficult for users to read both the numbers and letters. It also comes with a dedicated eject button for DVD drive.
It has a spacious 3.9 x 2.3 inch touchpad and is fiction free as well as responsive. The multi-touch functions such as rotate, pinch to zoom and scroll can be executed with all ease. Its two mouse buttons feel a tad mushy but it is adequately large.

•Intel Core i7-2620M
•2.7 GHz Processor Speed
•5.5 lbs weight
•15.6 inches widescreen
•1920 x 1080 native resolution
•750 GB storage capacity
•1 year warranty on service and parts
•Less than an inch thick
•Luxurious aluminum design
•Backlights and great keyboard
•Excellent performance scores
•Great for gaming and comes with impressive battery life

• Bland or flat design
• Hard to upgrade

This time we get something different with Dell. Dell XPS 15z is a powerful, slim and well priced laptop that is only a bit thicker yet wider than a 15-inch MacBook Pro and practically weighs the same.

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